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Tasmania’s Glover Landscape Prize

I have wanted to enter the Glover Prize for a long time. I found a notice in an art magazine saying you don’t have to be in Tasmania to paint a competitive entry and I was hooked. I lived in Tasmania in the 1970’s and went through my photos of the time. The Prize explores the concept of Landscape, Tasmanian in particular, and my idea for a painting is to represent the Homesteaders of the 1970’s who revitalised the backwaters of Tasmania and led it back into the national conversation. Homesteaders had a profound impact on the Cultural Landscape of that time and went on to become the Greenies who protested the Franklin Dam and logging in pristine forests. Permaculture was born in the foothills of Cradle Mountain. My siblings played a small part in all that, but significantly contributed to the creative culture over their lifetime there.
It was too cold for me washing nappies by hand in cold water for a 6 month old baby. I fled in the first Spring of 1975.
The painting will have a backdrop of Bell Mountain and show my siblings’ A-frame handbuilt homestead, complete with goats and gardens and guitar.
…and yes, My other work goes on hold for this piece: It will be called Dayze of Innocence II: 1975 Cethana Tasmania. Deadline 25 January 2019.