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This is the official website for the art group of Tallebudgera Valley initiated by Jessica Blythe on 4 July 2016. Many interested folk were unable to attend the inaugural meeting so a ‘Talking Points’ paper written by Jessica was circulated.

Ideas are open for discussion via email listed below OR via the art-thoughts blog.

Alternatively, just turn up at 3 monthly Planning meetings where ideas will be open for discussion.

Meetups plein aire (outdoors). Syndicate Road Park, Tallebudgera Valley

20 August 1pm Saturday; 21 August 10am Sunday;

Next workshop: to be advised

Next Planning Meeting: 24 September 2pm Saturday; Syndicate Road Park, Tallebudgera Valley

Agenda for 2 hour meeting:

  • Response to Jessica’s Talking Points (all items up for discussion). Posted under Manifesto Tab
  • Decision on meeting time, dates and places for next three months (for 2016, places will be public parks so people can just ‘turn up’ to the training)
  • Decision on Naming of group. A suggestion of ‘Cougal Club’ has been received.(ideas to Jessica beforehand so they can be posted on this site)
  • Decision on theme/target/projects for next 3 months
  • Decision on style of organisation (incorporated or non-profit or collective or artist-run for example) and executive.

Projects under discussion

  • An arts project to inspire conservation of our  wilderness areas (possibly group gallery show).
  • Regular meetups in a specific area in need of protection to compile evidence of what is at risk of being lost.
  • A ‘Meet an Artist for Dinner’ activity.
  • A gallery evening for promotion of an artist’s current work.
  • A children’s ‘Day in the Park’ with specific art activities at each booth/tent/area.
  • A ‘Vanishing Treasures’ poster series.
  • A Site Mapping Exercise/workshop
  • A clay workshop at a private studio
  • Open Days where private land is opened to plein aire painting activities
  • Group bush Painting treks to special sites on public land.

There are three ways to participate in decision making/planning to make these happen:

1. turn up at planning meetings – equal rights to speak
2. get in contact with Jessica via phone, email or Facebook pages
3. comment on the blog.

Phone:   07) 55338256 with answering machine     Email:   hello@summerthoughts.com

Facebook Page: Jessica Blythe Summerthoughts       Blog: www.summerthoughts/art_thoughts/

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