Tasmania beckons

I spent a winter in Tasmania with my siblings when they bought land near Cradle Mountain, built an A-frame and tried their hand at self sufficiency. I joined them for awhile learning how to make soy milk and dig holes for human waste. And then winter hit and I went into hibernation with a 6 month old baby washing nappies in cold water. Arrgghh!! I waited just long enough for the winter storms to pass in Bass Strait and headed for the warmth of NSW and QLD settling in Brunswick Heads and surrounding area for many years.

My sister is still in Tasmania and she stuck to self sufficiency for 15 or 20 years. I was very proud of her and sent care packages whenever I could. I have fond memories of the autumn and spring and the wonderful mountains and gardens, but it was too tough for me.

The Glover Art Prize is coming up again for 2019 (closes January) and its focus is on Tasmanian Landscape painting.

I am preparing an artwork for this prize which takes in the 1970’s Homesteaders impact on Tasmania’s landscape, both cultural and natural landscape.  If I miss the deadline there’s always next time, but I’m aiming for a Dayze of Innocence Mark II painting showing that beautiful A-frame and my sister’s goats and garden with the backdrop of Mount Bell at Cethana where my siblings contributed to the homesteader regeneration of Tasmania back in the 1970’s.

I’ll keep you posted.