July 2016 Sunday meetup

July MU focal

For our July Sunday meeting, we discussed focal points. When confronted with the big, wide outdoors, it can be quite overwhelming with so much to paint and draw. There are many techniques to assist but on that day we discussed choosing a focal point and designing your painting around it. Here I’ve taken three photos to show you what I mean.

The Rule of Thirds. (forgive me, the focals are really rough as I was standing in the creek)

july rulethirds 1

Here the people are the focal point and the image is about the trees.


july rulethirds 2

Here, the people are still the focal point, but the image is about rocks (and the white stool is so bright it takes over the image altogether)

july rulethirds 3

Here the focal point is still the people, but the image is really about the people, not the landscape.

The point (pardon the pun!) is you have to decide what it is you want your final image to convey. When you are creating a final image that is.

On the meetup, these two folk were more interested in character studies (what does a lomandra look like? and what does a group of trees look like?) than working towards a final painting. These studies are important engagement exercises as they go into memory in brain cells but also into muscle memory and next time it is much easier to draw that item. On the day we also explored the use of charcoal (a new drawing tool for some), various pencils and rubbers. We discovered the light and shade on our forms and in the critique after freetime at the creek, both El and Hattie were delighted with their creations.

I hope they will enjoy all their freetime drawing in their everyday life and come back next month for some indepth character studies and more exploration of the light. I hope you can join us.