July 2016 Saturday meetup

For those of you who whimped out because of the rain, the park was busy again. There was a little campfire and the smoke smell delicious. My drawing is below. Around 20 Rosellas dropped out of the trees to feed on seeds on the ground and a couple of crows squawked on.  A man tried his luck with a metal detector and a woman took her two dogs for a walk. A couple tended the fire and another went down to the creek. There are so many she oaks planted along the creek bed that you can look along a corridor to see a fellow park person at the far end. The light was gentle in the overcast grey sky and a fine misty rain blew in little flurries around the shed. I will leave out an easel and painting in full view of the road, so you know there’s a meeting on. Hope to see you soon.

CC syndicate rd 2016

ps the bird seems out of place because I dropped it on paper quickly rather than considered its placement. I wanted to capture it before it flew away.