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Dayze of Innocence and Figures and Faith Galleries

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Dayze of Innocence Gallery.        (Figures and Faith Gallery below)
breakfast    farout    rockstar
Far Out        Breakfast    Rock Star
Original Art may vary in price
Cards ($3.50 each)
Postcards 15mmx10.5mm ($4 each),
Prints: Small 29mmx21mm A4($10)
Medium 42mmx29mmA3 ($15)
Dayze Originals
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Cards, Postcards, Prints
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Figures and Faith Gallery
earth god
Earth God
Cards, Postcards, Prints
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Stonehenge at Work

Standing Stone Originals

facing the wind2
Facing the Wind
Men Scryfa
Cards, Postcards, Prints
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Rep of faith
Reps of Faith

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