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Frequently asked questions
I use the PAYPAL button system for payments online. It is a secure service and can be anonymous if required. If you would like to use another payment system, I would agree if I understand the system. Please explain it to me if it's not the Direct Debit, snailmail, cheques or personal delivery systems I do understand.
Yes, I am open to commissions as long as they are works similar to my portfolio as sometimes I'd rather paint than experiment with materials or themes that I'm unfamiliar with.
You will end up with a better artpiece in the end.

Basically, I want to make sure your item is received in good order and conditions, sooo.....

I will ensure good packaging for the item and will choose the best Courier service to your door.  Please contact me immediately if the item does not arrive as you expect.

I will accept returns and allow refunds.
Return delivery is at your expense.

Ask your question here......


When it can take a long time to produce a great piece of art and manage the promotion and display to get it to your potential buyers, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see your images stolen and used in ways you are not happy with. Theft happens and I have upgraded my systems to counter any theft, but online thieves operate world wide and it is difficult to find any satisfaction in the recovery process.

If you are considering using my images (even for sites like Pinterest) at the very least put my website address beside the image. If that's too hard, tap out a quick email to me and I'll offer what help I can.

Licensing is easy.
Tell me what your project is for and Ask to License the image.
It doesn't cost much at all and helps me pay the bills so I can create more art for your pleasure.

If people don't play nice, I won't hesitate to pursue a copyright theft through the courts.
If you wish to use my images, email here Copyright License enquiry


I use Redbubble to licence my images on their products. They are 'print on demand' companies which offer a wide variety of products using licenced images on 'one off' orders. I use them because they allow me to offer my images to a much wider international audience and I don't have to keep unsold stock on hand (yes I get royalties on sales). Their service is easy for customers to use and payment is Security Safe (like PayPal)

If you can't find a product with the image you like, email me and I'll arrange for it to go onto a Redbubble product just for you.

I also use Bluethumb (original paintings only) to gain exposure to a broader audience. Bluethumb is an Australian company promoting local content only.  Enter 'Jessica Blythe' in the search engine to see my work for sale.  Bluethumb link here.

You can buy my images from these companies or through my website.


Redbubble is an Australian company so, wherever possible, products are made locally. Click the banner to enter the Redbubble site.You can choose 'Jessica Blythe' from the drop down menu entitled People to see my products and you can browse other artists work while on Redbubble.

Disclaimer: when you click the link and purchase items from Redbubble this is an affiliate link and I receive a commission. I thank you for your support through this system. You get a great product and I get a small reward.

Images all copyright  © Jessica Blythe 2017.