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Welcome to the Webstore for Jessica Blythe's Art

Original paintings have been used to create
cards and postcards, small and medium prints.
You can buy them all from the Galleries below.

[ Bluecap Wildlife ]      [ Vanishing Treasures ]      [ Headland ]
[ Dayze of Innocence ]        [Figures and Faith]
[ Seasons ]  [ Zodiacs ]                       [Celtic Goddesses]



Products such as these mugs are available from Redbubble (an on-demand printing service) where you can choose products which I have designed with my images and buy them direct (yes I get royalties on sales). If you can't find a product with the image you like, email me and I'll arrange for it to go onto a Redbubble product just for you.

You can choose 'Jessica Blythe' from the Redbubble search engine. Then use the drop down menu entitled Work, choose 'People' to see my products and you can browse other artists work while on Redbubble.

Redbubble is an Australian company so, wherever possible, products are made locally. These mugs took 4 days to be created and arrive from Melbourne by courier. Click the banner to enter the Redbubble site.

Disclaimer: when you click the link and purchase items from Redbubble this is an affiliate link and I receive a commission. I thank you for your support through this system. You get a great product and I get a small reward.

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Images all copyright  © Jessica Blythe 2018.
If you wish to use them, email here Copyright License enquiry